An Eye for Emotion

Gary Allen has worked in photojournalism for almost twenty years, working at the Raleigh News & Observer for twelve years. He was named “North Carolina Press Photographer of the Year” six times. He has an eye for people and uses that not only in portraits, and weddings but also in sports. I admire his ability to capture emotion in the heat of the moment.

Laugh Out Loud

Techniques Used:
Before a wedding, he photographed a bride to be wiping her tears as she was reading a letter. Before a wrestling match took place Gary captured the intensity and focus of the athletes. I admire Gary’s use of the rule of thirds and use of angles. His sports photographs are taken using a framing technique to capture one athlete’s facial expression focused through the physical body of another athlete. You can see not only the mental intensity but also the intensity physically because of the muscles being flexed.

In most of his wedding photos he economizes the image, focusing directly on the people to capture their emotion through facial expressions and body language, but Gary also knows when to zoom out and use the background to his advantage. In a typical photo during the vows, you could have the couple centered with the wedding party in line. However, Gary took a photo with the couple to the right of the image, so you can see the bride and her bride maids’ reactions to the groom speaking.

Love Tap

These two images are my representations of Gary Allen’s techniques.

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