For Fun photos

I first became interested in photography in fifth grade after using six disposable cameras during my four day trip to Disney World. Since then, I have taken a couple of classes at a local Wolf Camera about focus, lighting and types of photography. I currently I use my Nikon Coolpix P80 or Sony Cybershot.

I love taking photographs of people because you can capture their emotions.
These portraits are of a friend. She used these as her senior portraits.

I like this photo because of the color scheme and use of rule of thirds.

girl by the lake

This photo demonstrates closure because even though you
can not see the girl’s entire body, your mind fills it in.

female portrait

After participating in gymnastics for 12 years, it has continued to
be a passion.These photos were taken during the
NC State vs. University of Georgia gymnastics meet in
February 2009.

I like this photo because you can see the beam and
see how high the jump is off of the beam.

split jump on beam

This photo could be a dance pose but it was an action shot
as the gymnast was performing her floor routine. I love
the gymnast’s releve’, she is very high on the balls of her
floor dance pose