Future Possibilities

So I know I don’t usually keep a reflective blog on this site, but I want to start! After studying abroad for a semester and using a blog as a platform for my adventures and discoveries, I want to continue to share my thoughts and feelings on this blog about issues I am passionate about or what’s on my mind.

To start, while studying in Copenhagen I have learned a lot about myself and trying to figure out possibilities for the future after graduation. I mean, I am a senior now and I better start getting my act together so I can enter the real world as of May 2011!

If you had asked me my freshmen year at Elon if I wanted to go to graduate school I probably would have laughed in your face saying I could only handle 4 more years of the education system – but now, as a much older and wiser senior at Elon, I am seriously considering the possibility. I have grown to appreciate learning for the sake of learning and gaining an understanding on the world around me. I have also gained a clearer picture of what I am interested in pursuing as a career. I believe a program like a Masters of Social Work will better equip me to work in community development and advocacy – what I believe to be my future career.

After taking part in the Service Learning Community at Elon for 2 years and then having a year away from it, I have realized that my passion is not doing direct service work, but rather informing others about issues like genocide, human trafficking, poverty, and hunger and inspiring them to help take action. I want to lobby for legislative change and see to it that the U.S. government upholds its promises to social justice.

For a while I also considered the idea of going to Law School to pursue a degree in international law or public interest to put away criminals who abuse human rights, but I believe I would be more effective in the field of advocacy, using my communications background.

But as of now, I think I would like to gain work experience before entering into graduate school. I think directly after graduation I will pursue Americorps or similar program and then I will see where God leads me!