Interning to gain a new perspective

I am busy with my internship in the Press Office of the N.C. Governor and am really enjoying it.

I initially thought that since I love to be organized and make “to-do” lists that I would be overwhelmed by the idea of “each new day is different” and not knowing what to expect, but instead I love it. The job does not get boring and I am constantly learning about what is going on, not just in Raleigh, but other parts of the state as well. I also work to make sure the media knows what our governor and state government officials. This is obviously important since the media has a big impact on the way constituents views the government, but it is stressful talking on the phone to professionals, when I still consider myself just a “student” and am still learning.

I became more interested in government  thanks to my roommate, Linda, who is a political science/communications double major and also from the thrill of the idea of change with President Barack Obama’s campaign. After talking with my friends about my interests, I found that I am very idealistic in wanting change for the better of humanity and possibly the United Nations is somewhere I could use my non-violent and optimistic ideas.  Maybe I can find a way to combine my ideas of nonprofit work and governmental agencies through the United Nations Foundations like GirlUp.

So many possibilities!


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