Intern. Missionary. Gymnastics enthusiast.

These past couple of weeks have flown by – actually, the whole summer has. I finished my internship in the Governor’s Office then immediately had two interviews for fall internships and left for Nashville, TN for a mission trip.

My internship was absolutely wonderful. The Governor definitely stays busy, so she keeps her office working hard. My co-workers taught me about event-planning for a public figure, how to articulate messages for specific media outlets and audiences, cooperation and overall office dynamics.

My trip to Nashville, TN was with my church youth group as a chaperone to the middle schooler students. We worked with a group called SLAM (Students Living A Mission). Service projects we worked with included a Sudanese church, a struggling Somalian restaurant, hoarders homes and a government assisted facility for the elderly. Other than serving we had worship, and sermons about the Image of God and lots of fun games. The message that really struck me was about servant-leadership. I was so focused on serving others, but I forgot how I needed to lift up those girls and boys that I was working with.

And now on to another passion of mine: Gymnastics

The gymnastics national championships are going on this week – a competition I live for. Only a couple of the 2008 Olympic Women’s Team are competing – Alicia Sacramone and Bridget Sloan. Unfortunately, both are not competing all-around.

I admire Alicia, she retired after the Olympics at 20 years old and decided to come back. She looks great, after spending a lot of time working out before getting back into the gym. She always looks like she’s having a blast competing.

My new favorite (junior) gymnast is Jordyn Wieber. She has beautiful lines, very difficult skills and even after being out of competition for over a year – she is rocking in competition.

(senior) Rebecca Bross is another powerhouse. She trains at the same gym  that produced Olympic all-around gold medalists Carly Patterson (2004) and Nastia Liukin (2008),  and her skills are the hardest in the world. My only complaint is her lack of grace and dance ability (that’s the dancer in me that thinks every gymnast should be able to dance as well as do difficult skills).

Others that I love to watch are Mattie Larson (beautiful dancing and toe point) and Mackenzie Caquatto (great personality and lines).

I miss the sport every time I watch a meet, but I absolutely love keeping up with it- even if my friends are sick of me talking about the gymnasts.  Gymnastics combines beauty, grace, and crazy skills.


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