September Photos

Painting at the Burlington City Park

Alamance building at night

Burlington City Park


Career Advice I’ve Learned

This past week was Career Kick-Off Week with Elon’s career services.  I attended 4 events: the Fall Employer Fair, “You’re Hired,”  Dress for Success, and the Real Scoop on Communications Jobs.

During the fall employer fair I visited several tables to talk about communications jobs available after graduation.

“You’re Hired” featured 5 employers giving advice and answering questions about how to get a job.  Here is some of my favorite advice:
-have an elevator speech about 2 minutes long about your top 2 experiences that describes you
-tailor your resume to a specific job and company
-save your resume as Name_Resume.doc so it is easier to find among the masses

Questions to ask the employer:
-what is the 1st thing you would want me to do?
-what is your greatest accomplishment with the company?

Dress for Success had 2 Brooks Brothers employees talk about what to wear specifically during the interview process. For women:
– blue or white shirt underneath the jacket is always safe for the 1st interview, after you can go for a bolder color
-for a layered look you can add a sweater on top of a button down long sleeve shirt
-doesn’t matter about purses

The Real Scoop featured 2 media CEOs from the RDU area:
-your attitude, aptitude and skills must match a company
-everyone is a sales person –> sell yourself
-it’s okay to email every so often after an interview and relate something you saw to the company (like a NY Times article, or congratulating them on a company accomplishment).

Photos from Senior Year

Red flower

Duke Chapel

Before the Elon v. Duke football game, my parents and roommate and I went to see the famous chapel at Duke.

Alamance building on Elon's campus

Probably the most photographed area of campus, but I still love it.  I like the trees framing the top of the building.

McEwen - School of Communications

Where I spend a lot of my time.

Relaxing the park

This was not planned at all – just kidding. Still, it is adorable.


After a quick rainstorm while at my apartment, my roommate and I came across this beautiful rainbow.

I like the composition of this photo with the bloom taking up most of the space  and the flower pointing straight to the window in the background.

Sunset at the lake

While on a retreat two other interns sat to watch the sunset from the dock.  Although the colors were not as bright as I wanted due to a thunderstorm, I still like calmness of the photo.

Senior year has officially started

This fall I am taking Strategic Campaigns, Corporate Publishing and Intro to Fine Arts. In addition, I will be interning twice a week at a PR agency in Greensboro  as well as my other extracurricular activities like Methodist Fellowship,  and interning in the Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life at Elon.

Strategic Campaigns – where we form teams and work with Alamance Regional Medical Center to put together an entire public relations campaign and then at the end of the semester we will compete against our classmates and pitch our idea to the client.  I can’t wait to get more “real life” experience and create the best pr campaign!

Corporate Publishing – I will learn Adobe Indesign by creating posters, magazine covers, and cd covers. I am eager to test my creative skills and stretch myself in the elements of design – beyond just photography.

Intro to Fine Arts – this class is basically for fun and I am taking it pass/fail, but don’t think its too easy. We will discuss the Harlem Renaissance, Versailles, Heian Japan, Periclean Athens, Maya, European Romanticism and 9th Century Baghdad. I have always enjoyed the arts, specifically the performing arts, so I am excited to broaden my understanding in poetry, art, and architecture.

I am also working at RLF Communications in Greensboro. I have already interned in government and the nonprofit so I am excited to see what I think of an agency setting. While at RLF I will be working mainly with their client the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. It will be a new experience for me to work with a nonprofit client in an agency setting – but so far I love it!

This year still seems overwhelming to me, but I know I will learn and grow in a lot of ways. I look forward to updating my blog with some of my work and what I am gaining from both inside and outside of the classroom.