Photos from Senior Year

Red flower

Duke Chapel

Before the Elon v. Duke football game, my parents and roommate and I went to see the famous chapel at Duke.

Alamance building on Elon's campus

Probably the most photographed area of campus, but I still love it.  I like the trees framing the top of the building.

McEwen - School of Communications

Where I spend a lot of my time.

Relaxing the park

This was not planned at all – just kidding. Still, it is adorable.


After a quick rainstorm while at my apartment, my roommate and I came across this beautiful rainbow.

I like the composition of this photo with the bloom taking up most of the space  and the flower pointing straight to the window in the background.

Sunset at the lake

While on a retreat two other interns sat to watch the sunset from the dock.  Although the colors were not as bright as I wanted due to a thunderstorm, I still like calmness of the photo.


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