Career Advice I’ve Learned

This past week was Career Kick-Off Week with Elon’s career services.  I attended 4 events: the Fall Employer Fair, “You’re Hired,”  Dress for Success, and the Real Scoop on Communications Jobs.

During the fall employer fair I visited several tables to talk about communications jobs available after graduation.

“You’re Hired” featured 5 employers giving advice and answering questions about how to get a job.  Here is some of my favorite advice:
-have an elevator speech about 2 minutes long about your top 2 experiences that describes you
-tailor your resume to a specific job and company
-save your resume as Name_Resume.doc so it is easier to find among the masses

Questions to ask the employer:
-what is the 1st thing you would want me to do?
-what is your greatest accomplishment with the company?

Dress for Success had 2 Brooks Brothers employees talk about what to wear specifically during the interview process. For women:
– blue or white shirt underneath the jacket is always safe for the 1st interview, after you can go for a bolder color
-for a layered look you can add a sweater on top of a button down long sleeve shirt
-doesn’t matter about purses

The Real Scoop featured 2 media CEOs from the RDU area:
-your attitude, aptitude and skills must match a company
-everyone is a sales person –> sell yourself
-it’s okay to email every so often after an interview and relate something you saw to the company (like a NY Times article, or congratulating them on a company accomplishment).


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