Completed my Wintern Experience in Admissions

I have completed my internship in the Office of Admissions and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to gain an inside look at the Admissions Office and during the three weeks I  was able to learn a lot about my personal work style and myself. As part of the internship, the group of four interns had several assignments to complete.  These projects included evaluating and analyzing publications sent out by the Admission Office, looking at the Admissions website from the view of a  perspective student, and evaluating the campus visit information session.

While critiquing  publications I was able to use my knowledge from corporate publishing to evaluate the design elements and formatting. In addition to design, I looked at the quality of photos, text, and organization. The interns presented our findings to the staff, dean and vice president and I look forward to seeing how our suggestions will be used in the reprint of publications.

The website was a beast to take on. Another intern worked on creating a site map so the staff could see the number of links and information cross-over. I focused mainly on the text and trying to condense information.

As for the campus visit information sessions – we sat in on several admissions counselors giving presentations, using the video and Prezi. Because the admissions office is creating a new video this year, we interns focused on giving our feedback about what to keep in the video, keep in the Prezi and what to discuss in both.  We also looked at the counselor’s presentation of the Prezi to make them aware of inconsistencies and what changes could be made in the formatting of the presentation.

Throughout the internship, we also had various opportunities for public speaking. I was able to speak to large crowds of students and families who had a mix of interest in Elon, as well as small groups who were visiting the University campus, and we also presented to various Admissions staff members.

I enjoyed answering perspective students and families’ questions about my Elon experiences and life as a student at Elon.  I was able to use my quick-thinking skills from Strategic Writing, where we simulated a news conference. I also used my Public Speaking knowledge on projecting my voice, demonstrating my passion, projecting my voice and making eye-contact. Throughout the 3 weeks I became very familiar speaking in front of people and being part of a presentation with faculty, admissions staff and alumni.

Overall, this internship has given me insight into the life of an admissions counselor and has improved my skills in public speaking, working as part of a team and critical thinking.


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