PRSSA meeting: Advice from USA Today HR Staff

At Elon’s PRSSA meeting this month we skyped with Amy Pesavento a human resources director at USA Today and Gannett. She gave some great advice related to the job search:

• Develop an elevator speech: be confident and keep your goal in mind

• Develop several resumes: each tailored to  agency, corporate or government/nonprofit

• Cover letters should not repeat your resume: pick 2 highlights from your resume to focus on

• If you really want the job then you can email or call a contact person about a week after you applied: you can say “I’ve applied for x position and was wondering if you have any advice how to get an interview”

• Have your resume, cover letter and job posting in quick reach for when the company calls: they may do a phone interview right on the spot

• Sample interview questions: why did you apply for this position,  jobs you have had in the past, why you chose your major/school, favorite/least favorite aspect of work experience,  provide examples of situations or skills.

I am in the beginning stages of my job search and would love any advice you have for me! I am looking for a communications position in North Carolina (specifically Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro).


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