Photos from France

Photos from Spring Break in France


at the train overpass in Taize

Blossoms in the town of Cluny

Arc de Triumph

Eiffel Tower




Lessons from Taize, France


sunset at Taize



For my spring break I traveled to Taize, France to stay in the monastery. It was an incredible experience of rest and relaxation and I am sad it was only 10 days.  The group from Elon was 8 students and 2 advisors and none of us were really close before we arrived, but we quickly became great friends. It’s hard to describe my experience, but it was wonderful.

Our daily schedule consisted of morning worship, breakfast, Bible study, afternoon worship, lunch, free time, work, tea time, free time, dinner, evening service, group reflection and bed. For Bible study we focused on Matthew chapters 9, 11 and 12 in small groups. My work consisted of cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash and preparing bunks for the guests next week.

Free time is where I spent a lot of time reflecting on my time at Elon and reading scripture. I enjoyed having no watch and being able to completely forget the stresses of school. I walked through some nearby towns, sat by the lake, and enjoyed getting to know other students who were also at Taize.

After 6 days at Taize we spent the last 2 days in Paris. It was nice to go there when it was warm (Last time I went in January…) and not feel the pressure to have to see all the major sites (since I have been before). We ate lots of crepes and croissants and got accustomed to the busy city life before coming home.


group at Taize



Midterms, Retreats and Spring Break!

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks, it’s midterms at Elon so I’ve been extremely busy with school work. Last weekend I went home to help my youth pastor with a big retreat for 120 youth. I worked with middle school girls and we talked about “the big idea” of life and living for God. It was a great get-a-way for me with wonderful worship led by Aaron Keyes and we volunteered for Camp New Life cleaning up the grounds. I think everyone really enjoyed it and it was a meaningful retreat!

I am actually leaving for my spring break to go to Taize, France to stay in the monastery for six days. I am excited to the time to relax, unplug from technology and reflect.  A total of 8 Elon students are going with 2 staff members and we are spending the last two days in Paris!

I will write more about my experience once I return.

Advice from Charlotte Elon Alumi

Career Services hosted an event called Destination:Charlotte where a panel of Elon alumi who now live and work in Charlotte, NC gave advice to students about moving, living and working in the area. I have recently fallen in love with the city and plan to move there after graduation to pursue a career in nonprofit communications.

Job Search Advice:

Find a good job – it does not have to be the perfect job, nor should you take just any job.

Interview with as many companies as possible – if you made it to the interview stage then take advantage of it. Even if it is not your first choice for a job, it will give you the opportunity to practice your interview skills.

Go to the city before the job interview – go for a weekend and look around at places you may want to live, the different areas and get a feel for the city.

When you do visit, stop by company offices – introduce yourself to the staff and HR manager. With larger companies, this may be difficult, but for small to medium-size companies you should be able to.

Charlotte Details:

• Downtown is called Uptown

• They called it a small town feel with big city amenities

• The nonprofit scene is big

• It costs about $800 for a 1 bedroom

• Lots of things to do like the National Whitewater Center, concerts downtown by the Symphony, Epicentre