Advice from Charlotte Elon Alumi

Career Services hosted an event called Destination:Charlotte where a panel of Elon alumi who now live and work in Charlotte, NC gave advice to students about moving, living and working in the area. I have recently fallen in love with the city and plan to move there after graduation to pursue a career in nonprofit communications.

Job Search Advice:

Find a good job – it does not have to be the perfect job, nor should you take just any job.

Interview with as many companies as possible – if you made it to the interview stage then take advantage of it. Even if it is not your first choice for a job, it will give you the opportunity to practice your interview skills.

Go to the city before the job interview – go for a weekend and look around at places you may want to live, the different areas and get a feel for the city.

When you do visit, stop by company offices – introduce yourself to the staff and HR manager. With larger companies, this may be difficult, but for small to medium-size companies you should be able to.

Charlotte Details:

• Downtown is called Uptown

• They called it a small town feel with big city amenities

• The nonprofit scene is big

• It costs about $800 for a 1 bedroom

• Lots of things to do like the National Whitewater Center, concerts downtown by the Symphony, Epicentre


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