Lessons from Taize, France


sunset at Taize



For my spring break I traveled to Taize, France to stay in the monastery. It was an incredible experience of rest and relaxation and I am sad it was only 10 days.  The group from Elon was 8 students and 2 advisors and none of us were really close before we arrived, but we quickly became great friends. It’s hard to describe my experience, but it was wonderful.

Our daily schedule consisted of morning worship, breakfast, Bible study, afternoon worship, lunch, free time, work, tea time, free time, dinner, evening service, group reflection and bed. For Bible study we focused on Matthew chapters 9, 11 and 12 in small groups. My work consisted of cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash and preparing bunks for the guests next week.

Free time is where I spent a lot of time reflecting on my time at Elon and reading scripture. I enjoyed having no watch and being able to completely forget the stresses of school. I walked through some nearby towns, sat by the lake, and enjoyed getting to know other students who were also at Taize.

After 6 days at Taize we spent the last 2 days in Paris. It was nice to go there when it was warm (Last time I went in January…) and not feel the pressure to have to see all the major sites (since I have been before). We ate lots of crepes and croissants and got accustomed to the busy city life before coming home.


group at Taize




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