Spring Photos

South Mountain State Park

South Mountain State Park

Lights in downtown Asheville

South Mountain State Park

South Mountain State Park

Elon University outside of Moseley

Elon University - Moseley flower bed


Job Search Tips

As a senior I am working hard to find a job. I’m from Raleigh, but want to move to Charlotte so I am busy working on networking in a new city.  Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

• Reach out to alumni. I used Linkedin’s search engine to find Elon alum in the charlotte area by using the advanced search function. I sent messages to alumni just asking if they would be willing to talk and almost all of them have been!

Reach out to professionals.  If there is a company you are interested in working for, go to the website and contact someone. I’ve emailed several professionals to learn more about their position and gotten advice from them. They have been more than willing to help.

Stand out. One professional I’ve been in contact with recommend that in addition to your portfolio take time to create something for the company you are going to interview with. For example, create a press release or brochure for the organization.

Make your resume and cover letter POP. For example, if they have 5 requirements, bullet those out in your cover letter, and write 2-5 sentences explaining how you meet/exceed that requirement. It makes it very easy for a manager to glance over, and understand (especially when they are hiring for a position that is very different from their own, which ours typically are!)

• Attend professional organizations meetings. PRSA chapters have student prices for their monthly meetings and many chapters have young professionals groups within the chapter that also has social events.

Attend alumni chapter events. Elon alumni chapters are in Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC, DC and more so email the president and see what events are planned!

Everyday Decisions that will Lead to Social Media Success

This is a blog post I wrote for Elon’s PRSSA blog, but I thought I would share on this site as well.

After reading PR Daily’s 10 everyday decisions that will lead to social media success,  I chose my favorite five that will help students learn from the industry and keep the conversation going.

• Join a new group or online chat to learn more about your industry. Once you join a group  make sure you continue to stay updated on discussions, and posts so that you can contribute and share new information.

•  “Like” 5 Facebook business pages to learn from them as a PR professional. This will help you get ideas of what to do or not do for your organization’s page.

• Share information you learned from someone else. Tweet an article someone else posted, or share something you learned from a group you joined. Be sure to mention where you got it!

•  Respond to every comment or post on your blog or profile page and write meaningful comments on other posts and walls. Keep people engaged in what you are doing and allow for conversation by continuing the conversation.

• Go through your friends and connections and get rid of people whom you never interact with. If they are not meaningful relationships and people you have not stayed in touch with, may not be the best fit for building your network.