You may leave Elon, but Elon will never leave you.

The end of my time at Elon is just around the corner. Less than two weeks before I put on my maroon cap and gown and get my B.A. in Strategic Communications. It’s truly a weird feeling. I am excited and nervous, sad and happy. I can’t believe how fast the last 4 years have gone – just like everyone told me they would. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter and moving to a new place and becoming a real professional – a real grown-up. I am sad to leave this beautiful campus and my friends and the community I’ve made here.

Here is a snapshot of memories from the last 4 years:

  • Service Learning Community: Best decision I ever made during my time here. Made best friends for life (not kidding) and found my passion for service work in advocacy.
  • Methodist Fellowship: Made wonderful friends and enjoyed being a leader among my peers 
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: Challenged and strengthened my faith
  • Elonthon Dance Marathon: The only all-nighters I’ve pulled, sparked my passion for a cause and the families of Duke Children’s Hospital truly are inspirational
  • Cathedral Tour: Talk about a whirlwind experience. Got to see a lot of sites and really become independent and confident on my own! Made a lot of memories with some very special friends.
  • Semester in Copenhagen: Can’t even try to summarize 4 months into a sentence so I won’t.  I have a whole blog devoted to my time if you want to learn more
  • Truitt Center Intern: Learned about the importance of tolerance and understanding among different religions as well as event-planning and marketing. Not to mention, a great group of staff!
  • Elon traditions like Turning 21 Dinner, Luminaries and College Coffee: Builds a special sense of community that is unique to Elon.

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