Inspired to Serve

This week I’ve been inspired by others and their commitment to serving others.

One is about a little girl named Rachel, that you may have heard about. I read Nick Kristof’s post about her and her birthday wish and was brought to tears. She only lived to be 9 years old, but she made a great impact in the world.  Read Kristof’s post because I can’t put it as eloquently, but she had a wish to raise $300 for her 9th birthday in order to build wells in Africa through Charity:Water and after a car accident that led to her passing away, she has now raised more than $1 million. Rachel’s passion for helping others is inspiring and shows how much just one person can truly make a difference.

The other thing this week that inspired me is the situation in the Horn of Africa. More than 12 million people are in urgent need of food, water, and medical care in drought-stricken Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Experts estimate that starvation and related diseases have already claimed the lives of over 29,000 children under age five.  As Anderson Cooper tweeted, “600,000 kids on the brink of starvation. That should be a headline around the world.”  Samaritan’s Purse, my employer, is making great efforts to meet the needs of the people with latrine projects, hygiene kits and food.  This crisis is heart-breaking, but the organizations working to bring food and supplies to the people in Kenya inspire me.

The final thing that inspired me this week was at church we discussed having a life with “force” and how serving others is more important than anything else. In Mark 10:29-30 Jesus said, “I can guarantee this truth: Anyone who gave up his home, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, or fields because of me and the Good News will certainly receive a hundred times as much here in this life. They will certainly receive homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields, along with persecutions. But in the world to come they will receive eternal life.” Jesus does not say it will be easy or that it will give you an edge in life, but it is worth it to serve.

I am encouraged by all these things this week that service is important and this week I am going to start serving by volunteering with Race for the Cure and bringing school supplies for A Child’s Place to use.


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