Happiness Project

I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and wanted to share some of the insights and things I’ve liked about it so far!

Two questions to ask yourself before starting a happiness project: What is happiness? Can I be happier?

I think happiness is about being content, it’s relaxing in God’s plan for me and not worrying. Rubin defines happiness as feeling good, feeling bad and feeling right in an atmosphere of growth. I believe I can be happier.

Moments I’ve felt extremely happy: relaxing by water, spending time with God alone, hanging out with my friends at the park, experiencing new things while traveling.

I completely agree with Rubin about the importance of charting goals, and how having aspirations and challenges are needed for happiness.  After just a couple of days at home after graduation, I was bored out of my mind and unhappy because I had nothing new or challenging to experience. I did not set goals right away so I quickly changed my daily schedules.

In January Rubin vowed to get more sleep, exercise more and declutter. Those seem like easy tasks, but can be difficult to stick to. I hope to improve my sleeping habits and I even want to get up earlier to be more productive – as one of the five things you should do everyday for success. I sincerely believe exercise makes me happier and I’ve learned I need atleast eight hours of sleep to function, so I hope to continue to make personal health a priority to keep me happy.

In February Rubin worked on her marriage and my favorite quote she cited was “There is no love, only proof of love.” It just reminds me of values and emotions are hard to define, but can be experienced in tangible ways. One thing I really got out of this chapter is importance of understanding one another and understanding relationships. Learning and accepting that your husband has different needs and ways of expressing himself than your best friends can help you know how and what to communicate to each.

March’s goal was to aim higher. Rubin says  “challenges help you expand your definition of yourself,” and I think this is so true. Facing adversity or achieving a goal can help you define yourself. I never really considered myself a runner – until the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Happiness has four stages: anticipate it, savor it as it unfolds, happiness, recall happy memories.

One idea that I really liked was creating file folders for each child divided by year to keep mementos.

I am still working on my own version of a happiness project, but I love it’s idea and how Rubin completed this while maintaining her everyday life of working and being a mom – no traveling or anything.



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