Thankful. Inspired.

With the holidays in full swing, I though I would share some things I am thankful for and some inspiration.

I am so blessed and incredibly thankful for my friends, family, health, home, and job. I am thankful for my college education, a family welcoming me into their home for the past 5 months, and technology keeping me in touch with friends across the country and globe.

My job with Operation Christmas Child has taught me a lot about the power of a simple gift. National Collection Week has ended, but you can still Build a Box online if you want to contribute to the cause! Now volunteers are pouring into processing centers to process the 5.8 million shoe boxes collected from across the U.S. to get the gifts ready to be shipped to more than 100 countries.

I want to share some stories about the power of a simple gift:

Oksana Nelson, a national spokesperson and shoe box recipient, says in her orphanage she had to share a toothbrush with dozens of girls, so she was excited to receive a toothbrush and mint tooth paste.

One boy received oven mitts in his shoe box, which may seem like an odd item to put in a shoe box, but his parents owned a bakery and he had scars across his arms from taking hot pans out of the oven.

Another boy received a shoe box gift that was packed in a reusable plastic container. Before he even opened the box, he was so happy that a staff person asked him why he was so happy. He replied that he had been praying for 2 weeks for a way to bring his mother water, and now he had a way – the reusable container.

God is truly amazing and He knows the needs of His children; He hears your prayers and He will answer them.


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