New Girl.

So January has been a whirlwind and still more adventures to come in the life of Julie Smith.

After Christmas I returned to Charlotte and started volunteering in the finance department of a nonprofit. I helped research potential donors, organized merchandise and assisted at meetings. At the same time I was interviewing and applying for full-time positions and landed at Red Ventures.

I am now a web copywriter at RV. It’s day two and I’m getting into a writing groove. Too bad by tomorrow I will be working on a completely new project. It’s my first taste of corporate America and I have to say it is totally different from nonprofit life I’ve experienced. Not a bad thing, just different.

The corporate culture seems ┬ámore independent than nonprofit – yes, I am part of a team and I know everyone here supports me, but it seems ┬ámuch more task-oriented rather than people oriented. I am also adjusting to a much bigger office environment than my previous jobs. Lots of cubes and people with headphones plugged-in. It’s harder to start a conversation with everyone jamming to Pandora. The space is pretty sweet though with a gym, yoga classes during lunch and as many hot tea options as you can think of!

This coming weekend I’m moving into my own apartment with a friend, so who knows when I’ll write again….

More on my corporate adventures to come!