Taking Advantage of Time

Although I have been blessed to have a job for the majority of the time since I graduated one year ago, it has not been quite the life I dreamed of.  I have been unhappy with some of my experiences and am I’m finding new ways to grow and learn. If you are currently only working part-time or need a change I’ve got some ideas!

Volunteer: find a nonprofit or cause you are passionate about. A great resource is your local United Way chapter to find out about nonprofits in your area.

Find a mentor: Find a professional that you want to learn from. I met people through my Junior Chamber chapter and also my church that I hope to invest in.

Invest in professional organizations: attend networking events, meetings and conferences. This will give you a chance to meet new people, and continue to learn about your field.

Attend community events: I use twitter to find out about events going on in the Queen City and try to attend a couple of events each month.

Try a new hobby: My roommate took up a free tennis lesson, and I recently went to Wine and Design to try painting.  I’ve gotten inspiration from Pinterest as well.



Over the last couple of weeks I have been finding my love of learning again. I have been reading a fiction book about Titanic and recently watched the 1997 movie again. I loved the movie when I was younger, but until a few years ago, I did not appreciate how close to the true story the movie depicted some of the historical aspects. I’ve researched more about some of the passengers and have really enjoyed learning more some of the stories of Titanic. 

In addition to reading more about Titanic, I’ve also become more artistic. If you know anything about me, you know that I claim I am “no arts n crafts girl,” but recently I’ve started to. I completed my first painting craft from Pinterest and I also completed a Wine and Design painting. 

I miss the college atmosphere where you learn. Not saying I miss the tests and papers, but I do miss learning.