Taking Advantage of Time

Although I have been blessed to have a job for the majority of the time since I graduated one year ago, it has not been quite the life I dreamed of.  I have been unhappy with some of my experiences and am I’m finding new ways to grow and learn. If you are currently only working part-time or need a change I’ve got some ideas!

Volunteer: find a nonprofit or cause you are passionate about. A great resource is your local United Way chapter to find out about nonprofits in your area.

Find a mentor: Find a professional that you want to learn from. I met people through my Junior Chamber chapter and also my church that I hope to invest in.

Invest in professional organizations: attend networking events, meetings and conferences. This will give you a chance to meet new people, and continue to learn about your field.

Attend community events: I use twitter to find out about events going on in the Queen City and try to attend a couple of events each month.

Try a new hobby: My roommate took up a free tennis lesson, and I recently went to Wine and Design to try painting.  I’ve gotten inspiration from Pinterest as well.


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