No End in Sight

I have been slacking with this blog the last month, so I apologize. Major faux-pas on my part.

Since my last entry, I have started a permanent position with Girls on the Run International as marketing administrator. That’s why I titled the blog “No End in Sight” – because it’s my first job without a known end date. It is only part-time, so I’m not quite a real adult yet, but I am getting closer. I am excited for this new challenge, and already love the office environment of inspiring women working towards the common goal of building confidence in girls across the US through exercise.

June was busy with work and my cousin’s wedding and I am already making plans for the fall for an Elon reunion, etc. I am still trying to find the work/life balance. It’s hard not having designated breaks like summer, spring/fall break like you do in college to plan trips. Keeping up friendships is also more difficult out of school since most of my good friends no longer live within 5 minutes of my dorm. No end in sight of this thing we called life…and I’m loving where it is taking me everyday.


Here are some photos from my trip to DC for my cousin’s wedding.

father-daughter dance at my cousin’s wedding

Changing of the Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens