Live the Dream


Earlier this month I began a new business opportunity with Amway –  a company that sells health, beauty, wellness and cleaning products.  One reason I chose to get involved with Amway was because of the leadership development. I have immersed myself in audios and books to learn more about becoming a success.


The book I am currently loving is called Live the Dream: No More Excuses by Larry Winters.


Some insights I have gained:

You need a goal. Without one, you just wander through life. Write it down, speak it out loud, share it with others. By sharing it, you can be held accountable by your friends and family. Write it on your bathroom mirror, so you see it everyday.




Study successful people. The list of excuses you have could be made by the successful person, but it’s not.


Be careful what you feed your mind. The positive can overwhelm and push out the negative if you are digesting positive. What are you listening to and watching?










My DNC 2012

In case you have been under a rock or out of the country, the Democratic National Convention has been in Charlotte this week.

I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Host Committee in January in the finance department, working with donors and organizing the merchandise room. After a couple of weeks though, I knew I wanted to be more involved with the DNC.

Fast forward to August and I attended a Social Media Breakfast panel discussion on how social media has put Charlotte on the map in terms of the DNC. The panelists – Tracy Ross of the Host Committee, Desiree Kane of The PPL, and Amy Aussiecker of FABO, reminded me why I love social media.  The discussion demonstrated how local people are taking initiatives and garnering attention in the community.

Desiree spoke about The PPL creating co-working space for media and bloggers, Amy talked about her Stalking Stewart campaign to get Jon Stewart to visit FABO Cafe, and I knew I had to be involved in a social media setting. I signed up to volunteer with the PPL.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked with The PPL at Packard Place in uptown Charlotte and really enjoyed it. Even though I mainly participated in simple tasks like running the registration tables or securing a door, I was able to experience the DNC outside of just the politics.  I loved sharing my love of Charlotte with visitors and being able to help journalists get their job done.


In addition to volunteering, I took advantage of some free events like the NDI forum on poverty and human rights, and breakfast at POLITICO. It is amazing how much I relied on Twitter this week. To ask questions, answer questions, find out where free events were taking place and feel connected to other DNC participants.

It was a great participant experience – from the Google box providing free drinks and charging stations, to the live coverage from MSNBC at Epicenter, this convention was connected to social media and about connecting people.


touring the podium of the DNC