Live the Dream


Earlier this month I began a new business opportunity with Amway –  a company that sells health, beauty, wellness and cleaning products.  One reason I chose to get involved with Amway was because of the leadership development. I have immersed myself in audios and books to learn more about becoming a success.


The book I am currently loving is called Live the Dream: No More Excuses by Larry Winters.


Some insights I have gained:

You need a goal. Without one, you just wander through life. Write it down, speak it out loud, share it with others. By sharing it, you can be held accountable by your friends and family. Write it on your bathroom mirror, so you see it everyday.




Study successful people. The list of excuses you have could be made by the successful person, but it’s not.


Be careful what you feed your mind. The positive can overwhelm and push out the negative if you are digesting positive. What are you listening to and watching?










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