Photo Walk in Charlotte

For my birthday I received a Canon Rebel t3 and I was super excited to get a new DSLR, because I have had anything other than a point and shoot since high school.

I fell in love with photography in 5th grade. I remember it clearly because my family went to Disney World and my mom bought me a disposable camera thinking that would last me the whole 4 day trip. Well, I used 5 disposable cameras in that time, so mom then decided it was worth it to buy me a simple point and shoot.

Once I got to high school, I stepped it up and got a Canon Rebel SLR (film) and joined photography club. Then I realized how awesome digital was, and regretted getting a plain film camera. During college I only used point and shoot cameras because that’s what my budget allowed for, however, I always wanted a nice DSLR.

So yesterday, I finally had the chance to break out a nice DSLR! I walked around uptown (downtown) Charlotte with a couple friends and just took in the sights. Here are some of my favorites:

ImageAs soon as I got my new camera, I went to pinterest for inspiration and tips. One pin I came across, was about shooting upward to make buildings look awesome. I loved the idea and when I saw this church across from the Mint Museum, I loved how it was right beside the modern architecture.

ImageThe lighting was perfect for this photo of the Bank of America building reflected on another building uptown. This is my favorite shot of the day!

ImageThe staple Charlotte skyline shot! I have always loved the Charlotte skyline and didn’t know where to get this great shot, until I googled it! I took this from Central Ave.