Spring is Buzzing with Activity

This month has been insane to put it nicely.

It started with a trip to Orlando, Fl for the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect [Volunteer] Conference with 4 members of the Charlotte area team. It was incredible to meet volunteers from around the country and the globe. One highlight was Louie Giglio, who spoke on Thursday night about how God can do immeasurably more than we can imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

The next weekend, I went to IMPACT in Kentucky with my Amway business partners. What a great experience! We learned about the importance of our American freedom, servant leadership and the importance of building a dream.


Following that, I went to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s bridal shower. Her wedding is in June and I am so excited. My aunt asked me to be the photographer, which I gladly did. I definitely enjoyed taking photos, but trying to find the balance of “being in the moment” while playing photographer for a family event was a little difficult.


Then this past weekend I ran in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington D.C. with my friends Linda, Riley and Maggie.  I had been training for about 3 months, but this month was difficult to stay consistent with my traveling. I went into the weekend a little nervous about the actual run, but confident that I had the miles in me. We had a great time at the expo taking photos, making posters and and getting excited. Actual race day was perfect weather – sunny, breezy and slightly warm. This race was Linda and Maggie’s first half-marathon and I’m so happy I could experience it with them.


I finished the race a little slower than I hoped, but I made sure that I enjoyed the race. With the entertainment and 14,000 women surrounding me, it was awesome. I thought of how many stories of overcoming were in my midst. I wish I could have found out more about the ladies with me – like one had a sign on her back that she was a cancer survivor, but also running in memory/honor of dozens of names. This race had 2,300 Team in Training members – including Linda and Maggie, who raised $6 million for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

With this race under my belt…I’m looking for my next challenge. Until then….