Communicating through Art

Recently, I was in Greenville and walked through the Artsphere Art Festival. It was an absolute joy seeing other photographer’s work, aerial artists and other craftsmen. 

Something about that warm, sunny day really resonated with me and I think I figured it out. As a dancer for 16 years, I grew up loving the performing arts. Going to the ballet and seeing musicals, always made me smile. I could sing every lyric to Wicked before I ever had the chance to see the show. 

So…I think the arts festival in Greenville reminded me just how much I love the arts. After graduating from Elon, I have realized how special that community was. Being able to see Broadway-quality performances for free was truly a gift. Now, as a young professional, I have not been able to afford to go to many performances. This art festival in Greenville, reminded me how much can be communicated through art. 

That night, my family and I attended the Blue Man Group performance. I would highly recommend it to anyone – filled with lights, music and humor, it was memorable! It amazed me how humorous the whole thing was, even though the guys never spoke a word. You can communicate so many emotions through simple facial expressions and body language.