Success is worth it

At a business meeting, several successful entrepreneurs spoke and gave some great quotes that I wanted to share.

  • The more action you take, the more you believe you can do.” You can build confidence and belief in yourself by taking action. Whether that’s in your profession or while you are developing a hobby, or starting a new workout routine, that is true. Your belief will increase as you do more.
  • Success is never convenient, but always worth it.” Success is not easy, but the reward at the end of the tunnel will make the trials worth it. When you see an Olympic gold medalist, they are happy and will say that all the hours training were worth it, even if that meant sacrificing greatly.
  • Are you going to cop out, drop out or go all out?” You have a choice in what you pursue and how much you will fight for it. You won’t achieve your goals if you cop out or drop out. You have to go all out to win. But, as already talked about in point two, it’s worth it.