Take-aways from DIsney Princess Half Marathon 2014

One week ago I was getting on a plane with one of my best friends to go to Orlando for the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon. This race was my 2nd Disney Princess half and my 3rd half marathon. To say it was a fairy-tale or magical, would not be an exaggeration. Disney knows how to put on a great event and here are some take-aways from a communicator’s perspective:

  • Event-planning skills and attention to detail is vital. Should be self-explanatory.
  • Have enough staff/volunteers so they can easily help guests with simple questions or even to take a photo for guests. Throughout the race course and expo, there were characters that had at least 2 staff members with them — 1 professional photographer and one staff member there to take a photo with your camera/phone.
  • Establish a #hashtag before the event  and use it to field questions and allow guests to know some faces that will also be in attendance. #princesshalf was used and was a great resource to field questions as far as timing, what to pack, other tips and to learn who else would be making the trip to the race.

A couple things I would have liked to see from Disney:

  • A thank you/recap email — I got one from my Disney Hotel, but not one from runDisney or about the race
  • Survey or opportunity to provide feedback about the race and expo –> I wish there were more princesses on the course of the race!

*Updated 3/4/2014 runDisney did send me a thank you/recap email


Renew Your Mind

Life update: 2014 is off with a bang. New job, new home, and new opportunities. First, I am running the Disney Princess Half Marathon in roughly 3 weeks. Also, I have the opportunity to travel with Operation Christmas Child to Rwanda to distribute shoe box gifts in April. 

This past weekend though, I attended another conference on success, dreams and leadership and it was incredible. The theme was “Renew -where the mind goes, the body follows.” As I sat, listening to success panels and various leaders on the team, I was definitely feeling renewed. Add in some awesome worship and great videos/photos, and it was incredible. Here are some take-aways from it:

• Know what you want and renew your mind so your dream is your “new normal.” You get what you expect, so you need to change your normal to be what you want, and then it will happen. Practice/rehearse your dream everyday. What do you see, smell, taste, hear? Visualize yourself accomplishing your dream. 

• There is no positive mental attitude until you have a terrible day. Everyone can smile and say positive words when things are going well…it’s when things aren’t that your real positive mental attitude is tested. Don’t react by your emotions, but remember that for everything you sow, you also reap. Be “harvest” minded. 

• When it is easy you are benefitting from progress you have already made. When it is uncomfortable, you are taking on new ground. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, so that next time you can go a little further. 

So dream big!