If you could do anything

At Charlotte/ONE this week author Allison Vesterfelt came to speak on dreaming. It was a powerful message that challenged and encouraged me so I wanted to share my notes from her talk.

If you could do whatever you wanted – what would you do?

First of all, you have permission to dream and you have permission to want something. Let that question and thought sink in and allow your dreams to come alive within you.

Five things that keep us from asking the question “if you could do whatever you wanted – what would you do”

  1. We pay attention to everyone else
  2. We think wanting is selfish
  3. We follow success, fame and money rather than listening to Jesus
  4. We are waiting on God to tell us what we should want
  5. We are terrified we won’t get it

The last two are the ones that gave me a gut check. I am 100% guilty of asking God to show me what I should want/pursue, but not being able to listen to know when God is answering me. I also haven’t allowed myself time to think, reflect and truly answer the question. I can give some ideas like traveling the world, dancing, photography and eating chocolate….but don’t know if those are true passions or just things I would like to do.

The last point Allison made that struck a chord with me, is that our idea of submitting to God is asking Him questions like “what should I do,” when instead we should put forth our best efforts, try our best, dig deep, research and provide God with our best and then submit it to Him to ask Him to help us to reach our desire.

Don’t think that once you start to pursue your dream that it will be easy. You will still stumble and make mistakes, but you will have a more fulfilled life!