Live Intentionally

This past month has been very busy – but what’s new? Life is constantly happening, bringing with it new challenges and victories. 

After experiencing the simplicity of life in Rwanda of worshiping God and then loving others as Christ loves us, I came back to my busy life in the Queen City with a sense that I need to slow down. I have always been the person who is over-committed with a jam packed schedule, but that is where I thrive. I know how to manage my time when I have very little free time…it’s when I have lots of free time that I start to become a sloth. 

Anyway, living intentionally has come up several times. I am trying to live with a purpose and make each interaction I have with people be a way that I can show Christ’s love to them. It is a hard thing to do, and I have been convicted of times that I have failed, but I like being reminded each day that I have a purpose and everything that happens, happens for a reason. 

A couple changes I have made in my schedule to help me stay focused on my goals and living intentionally:

Quiet times in the morning. Spending more time journaling, praying and reading Scripture. 

Working out in the morning. That way I have more flexibility and time in the evenings. This means though, that I am trying to get to bed earlier. 

Packing my lunch the night before. This gives me a few extra minutes for my quiet time. 

Listening to an audio daily. Stories of overcoming struggles and leadership principles (esp. Terri Savelle Foy, John Maxwell, etc) helps to keep you inspired and focused. 


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