How Do You Find the Time to Volunteer?

A friend and I were talking about the things we are involved with outside of work and she asked me, “how do you find the time to volunteer?” and “Why do you make time for all those things?”

I answered her sharing about my love for people and sharing Jesus, but it definitely got me thinking about why I do love serving others and being involved in several ministries in town. I found this letter I wrote 2 years ago:

Even as far back as sixth grade, I have always been into service. From Girl Scouts to church youth group, I volunteered constantly. When I eventually started college at Elon University, I automatically joined the Service Learning Community, doing projects several times a month. I also joined the service team of my Intervarsity Christian Fellowship chapter mainly because I felt qualified. As a sophomore I lead the Service Learning Community for the new freshmen, but I was not actually enjoying the service aspect.

Volunteering had always been something I’d done, so I figured it was something I should continue in college. But in continuing service almost as a default activity, I had grown bored. I realized I was missing the point of volunteering.

Thinking back to why I had originally started volunteering, all those years ago, I was able to reduce it back to its simplicity: it was out of love that I wanted to serve. It was because I could show the love of Jesus to people that did not know Him. As Mother Teresa once said, “Love cannot remain by itself—it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.”

Once I had my head and heart back in focus on outreach, I began to love what I was doing again. I finally realized how my passions and my major could be used for the love of God. As a communications major, I loved to write, read and share about social issues that I’m passionate about so that others can make an impact.


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