Fill up

This fall has been the typical craziness for me. Between work, training for Thunder Road Half Marathon and volunteering, it has seemed non-stop.

First of all, Thunder Road with the Isabella Santos Foundation Dream Team was amazing. We ran miles together in preparation and by race day, we raised $33,000 for ISF. It was powerful running by Levine Children’s Hospital at mile 8 of the race and remembering our mission to #crushcancer. I am so blessed to have made friends and made an impact this way. Who knows what the next race will be for me (open to suggestions).

Operation Christmas Child is in full swing. It’s National Collection Week, so you still have time to pack a shoe box gift to impact a child’s life forever and show them the love of Christ. Make sure you go to a drop-off location near you by the 24th!

This week at church we had a women’s night featuring our pastor’s wife, Marilynn Chadwick spoke about breaking free from idols and one thing that really spoke to me was “Fill up on God, so you don’t have room for the junk.” What a gut check. Was I filling up on God first or was I filling up on other things?

The other point I loved from Women Under Construction, the speaker said her life’s mission is to help people wipe the mud from their eyes so they can see Jesus. What is your life mission? What are you working toward daily?