Solo Vacation at the Beach

This weekend, I went to Wilmington and Carolina Beach for my first vacation solo and it was wonderful. Here are some tips and things I enjoyed along the way:

Find a place to stay through airbnb or another local space. You can stay with someone local and have more of a connection with the people than staying at an hotel, plus you can get some real feedback about what to do/see/eat around town.

Go to a local coffee shop, get a drink and read the local paper. Get to know a place, find out about events/concerts and things going on while you are there.

Plan one thing you want to accomplish that day, anything else you get done is just bonus. My brother would tell us that during family vacation, and I think it is a good rule. That way you get something done, but you also can relax!

Strike up conversations on your way. Ask questions, or for recommendations, ask about how long they have been in town, etc. It’s fun and if you are traveling solo, it is the only way you will get interaction — you must create it!IMG_9911